Renewable energy activities in India


A world leader in nuclear energy, AREVA is resolutely committed to implementing solutions for low-carbon energy production. It is a matter of responding to the planet's essential requirements in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing energy to the largest number of people. AREVA’s renewable activities are at the heart of the group’s industrial strategy.

The group offers its customers high-technology solutions in the field of offshore wind, bioenergy, concentrated solar power and energy storage. With a 2012 turnover of 572 million euros and orders reaching 844 million euros at year-end, AREVA is a major actor in the worldwide renewable energies market.

India's electricity sector is amongst the world's most active players in renewable energy utilization. India has abundant solar resources, and compared to the rising costs of conventional power solar energy has become increasingly competitive. Hence, solar power has seen dramatic growth, supported by the nation-wide solar policy called the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Launched in 2010 by the Prime Minister of India, it targets to install 22 GW of solar energy by 2020. Moreover, bio energy shows great potential too, as biomass-based power production is one of the important sources due to its ability to provide distributed power at the rural level, where the biomass is available.

Hence, AREVA intends to contribute to the development of renewable energy sources in India. The group aims to position itself as a strategic actor in this domain.

Solar activities

AREVA Solar is building a 250 MWe concentrated solar power (CSP) installation for Reliance Power Limited in India, the largest in all of Asia.

Bioenergy activities

AREVA offers full turnkey biomass power plants to customers in India and Southeast Asia from its engineering and manufacturing setup in Chennai.

Offshore wind activities

AREVA's offshore wind business has been offering a comprehensive offering since 2004 and is one of the top three players in Europe.

AREVA renewables offer

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