AREVA Solar serves a broad range of power and industrial steam customers, providing fully integrated solar thermal product offering. AREVA Solar’s solar steam generators can deploy quickly to provide to provide super-heated solar generated steam to power your operations reliably and cost-effectively. We are the first solar steam power boiler manufacturer to receive the "American Society of Mechanical Engineers"  "S" Stamp Certificate of Authorization, considered as the industry hallmark of acceptance and certification.

AREVA's offer to power generation and industrial customers


It is the most cost-effective, land-conservative and water-efficient CSP energy solutions:

  • Lower up front capital costs and lower recurring operating costs make the overall cost of electricity significantly lower than parabolic trough technology
  • Lowest land use requirement in acres/peak MW installed results in further costs savings and lower environmental impact compared to other solar technologies
  • Most water-efficient CSP technology due to air cooling reduces water consumption by more than 90% over dry cooling.

AREVA's CLFR technology industrial applications

  • Standalone Power Plant

    Utility-Scale Solar and Solar-Hybrid Power Generation

    Solar application Standalone

    AREVA Solar supplies solar steam generators for utility-scale, standalone power plants. The company also offers a low-cost, natural gas back-up boiler (solar-hybrid plant design) that can meet the same dispatchability levels as conventional power plants, but with far lower emissions.

  • Steam Augmentation

    Steam Augmentation

    Solar app power boost

    AREVA Solar’s solar steam generators provide steam augmentation for existing and new build natural gas-fired and coal-fired power plants. Our solar steam generators enable power customers to increase electricity production at peak periods and reduce plant emissions.

  • Industrial Processing

    Industrial Steam Processing

    Solar app industrial processing

    AREVA Solar offers industrial customers direct solar steam, ranging from enhanced oil recovery and petrochemical refining, to food processing and desalination.