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In April 2012,  AREVA Solar was awarded a contract by the Indian group Reliance Power Limited to build a 250 MWe concentrated solar power (CSP) installation in India, which will become the largest in all of Asia.

AREVA has launched the construction of the first of two 125MWe solar thermal power plants in Dhursar, Rajasthan, building on established local talent and base. This project will utilize AREVA Solar’s Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar thermal generators. With this contract, that is part of the Phase I of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, we are one of the fastest growing technology segments in the global Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) market in 2012.

Latest project status

Did you know?

When completed, the 250 MW solar project will result in the avoidance of nearly 557,000 metrics tons of CO2 emissions per year for the 25-year life of the project, compared to a similar sized coal-fired power generation plant.


250 MW (2*125)


Dhursar, Rajasthan


90 bars


390 °C

Number of generators


Percentage of localisation

60 %

Contract signature

April 2012

Expected commissioning



On November 29th 2013, AREVA completed a major milestone in the commissioning of its concentrated solar power (CSP) plant by achieving the first steam production.