In India, AREVA has developed turnkey bioenergy solutions using combustion technology. This technology can exclusively produce electricity, or generate a combination of electricity and steam in cogeneration plants. In addition to bioenergy solutions, AREVA provides heat recovery solutions.

Projects can vary according to fuel supply, constraints and envisioned profitability, and local needs in terms of electricity or heat. These elements help determine which solutions may be most suitable to a project.


The voluminous waste matter from the food, agricultural and forestry sectors was traditionally disposed of in harmful waste streams or burnt in boilers with low efficiency. These now provide essential resources for AREVA biomass power plants.

  • Biomass fuels: wood chips/bark, sawmill residue, bagasse (residue from sugar cane), rice and cotton husks, EFB (residue from Oil Palm industry), chilly stalks, sunflower oil cake, soybean oil cake, coconut husks, olive pits, etc.
  • Technology: combustion of biomass in a high-pressure boiler, steam expansion in a power generator turbine
  • Output: 5-50 MWe


The simultaneous production of electricity and heat using a single fuel–such as biomass–is referred to as cogeneration. In its cogeneration plants, AREVA is able to harness the heat released during power generation in the form of steam. This heat can be used by nearby industries and the electricity used by them or sold on the grid.

This technology is a variant applicable to all bioenergy technologies, e.g., biomass combustion and biogas.

  • Applications: distilleries, cement works, glassworks, furniture manufacturers, sugar mills and the paper, pharmaceutical, forestry, agriculture and textile industries, etc.
  • Output: 5-200 MWth
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