AREVA Foundation activities in India

AREVA Corporate Foundation was created in April 2007 in order to support humanitarian and public-interest projects underpinning the Group’s commitment to society and community involvement in countries in which it develops and conducts business. The Foundation supports concrete, targeted and sustainable actions, especially those benefitting children, women and students. These actions focus on education, health and culture.

AREVA Corporate Foundation rallies the Group’s employees around these actions through projects designed especially for them, including calls for internal projects, volunteering opportunities, humanitarian leave and mentoring of young students in favour of the disadvantaged.

In India, since 2008, AREVA has supported 7 NGOs, with the objective to improve access to healthcare and education.

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François-Xavier Bagnoud

© François-Xavier Bagnoud Association

The François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Association sets up development models based on community self-help programs and sharing in countries affected by poverty. It has developed the FXB Village, a model of development: based on the community, and which has been improved over the years, thanks to continual dialogue between local beneficiaries and Association staff.           

Not far from two solar power plants installed by the AREVA group in Rajasthan, the inhabitants of three villages live in extreme poverty off of farming and livestock. In a region often stricken by drought, the population and especially children do not always have access to education or healthcare. Having assessed the association's merits in detail, AREVA Corporate Foundation decided to support FXB for a period of two years (2013-2014) for health and education programs: after-school academic support, donation of school equipment, construction of a sustainable network gathering local health authorities, establishment of a medical branch office attended by a doctor…

Also, from 2008 to 2010, AREVA Corporate Foundation provided support for an FXB Village in Medinipur (an Indian State in West Bengal) for a 3-year period. The 311 villagers deeply affected by poverty and AIDS benefited from this participatory program for sustainable community development. Within 3 years, they have achieved economic and social autonomy. No longer in poverty and with their overall capacity strengthened, these families are today in a position to care for, protect and raise orphans and vulnerable children within their community.

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Inter Aide

©Asie Tana - Inter Aide/ATIA

Inter Aide is an NGO that has specialized for more than 30 years in development projects for the most destitute. Its objective is to give beneficiaries the ability to be self-supporting over the long term. Its program focus on early-learning education and family support to help resolve some of their difficulties, particularly administrative ones – asserting their rights, improving their family income, etc. – so that they can be able to overcome their difficulties themselves.

AREVA Corporate Foundation, which has been working with Inter Aide/ATIA since 2010, has provided an additional two years of support (2014-2016) for :

- an early-learning program for young children (0 to 6 years old) to fight educational marginalization in the shantytowns of Pune and Mumbai.

- a new program for 200 families living in vertical slums in Mumbai.

Through Inter Aide/ATIA, AREVA Corporate Foundation is providing individual social assistance to 890 families and 1200 children.

© Douchan PALACIOS - AAZ

AAZ Association (“Aide Au Zanskar”) has been working for the past twenty-five years in the education field towards the goal of delivering a quality education to the underprivileged children of the Zanskar plateau, who have been left very much by the wayside despite the economic growth that India is experiencing.

In 2013, AREVA Corporate Foundation provided support to extend and refurbish the existing school (Lamdon Model High School) which accomodates 300 pupils in 12 classes, by building seven new classes (from nursery through to last year of primary school), a library, a cultural room, and administrative offices. The Foundation also contributed to redevelop the building in order to enlarge classes and extend schooling beyond the month of October, through the installation of passive solar technology.

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Les Rameaux Verts

© Les Rameaux Verts

The “Rameaux Verts” association, created in 1975, took the decision to support the poorest people in India in particular. These are the "out-casts", a majority of whom refer to themselves as dalits (as much as 25 % of the population). These people, who represent around 30,000 inhabitants in this region, are generally excluded from the country's development. The association works with children on essential life projects (rural community development, access to health care, schooling, etc.).

The project, supported by AREVA Corporation Foundation in 2013, consisted of expanding the Olindiapet primary school (in which 171 pupils are currently enrolled) in Southern India, with the construction of two additional classrooms, a staffroom, and toilets. Today, the school is able to accommodate around 60 additional pupils.

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La cite de la Joie

© LAPIERRE Dominique

The Dominique Lapierre Association has acquired hospital boats to reach out to isolated Indian communities in the delta of the Ganges. In 1996, in partnership with Southern Health Improvement Samity (SHIS), an Indian NGO, the writer purchased an old ferry in the port of Calcutta which he then renovated and equipped it with medical equipment. Three more boats were subsequently added to the fleet. The four boats, now known as the ambulance of the Ganges, bring medical care to around 40 islands 300 days per year.

AREVA Corporate Foundation helped Dominique Lapierre by funding two of these hospital boats for a three-year period (2010-2012).

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Tisser la Paix


Tisser la Paix is an NGO that has specialized for more than 20 years in educational projects for the most destitute.

With AREVA’s support, Tisser la Paix constructed a solar-heated school in the Himalayan valley of Nubra in 2011. With a sufficient level of sunlight during the winter, the solar panels make it possible to heat the classrooms and dormitories. Children can therefore pursue an education during the coldest months and continue to assist their parents in the fields during the summer.

Tisser la Paix project was also supported by group employees, who sponsor the students.

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Des amis de l'ecole St John

© Eric Bourgade - St John's School

St. John’s School, located in a rural area 50 km from Pondicherry, is the only school that welcomes children, whatever their religion or caste, within a radius of 20 km. 1000 students attend this school, which starts at nursery school level and ends with the high school diploma. The school was created to offer quality education to disadvantaged social classes and thus promote their cultural and economic development. The school also focuses on boosting education for girls.

AREVA Corporate Foundation provided funds in 2010 (for a two-year period) for the Friends of St. John’s School Association to help build a boarding facility for girls. It can host 80 to 100 girls between the ages of 11 and 17. from disadvantaged backgrounds, orphans, lost children, or those who can only attend boarding school.


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