Through its Safety Alliance program, AREVA has engaged with utilities to help them demonstrate and upgrade the safety of their nuclear plant fleets to the highest standards.

As of today, over 30 Safety Alliance projects have been launched in 11 countries.

Through this program, AREVA provides a comprehensive range of products, services and solutions built around a 3-fold framework to help utilities meet every-increasing safety requirements and achieve today’s three main safety imperatives:

  • Resistance to Major Hazards
  • Robustness of Cooling Capability
  • Prevention of Environmental Damage

For each of the three safety imperatives, AREVA offers safety analyses, safety upgrades and safety procedures that are world-class, proven solutions as well as innovations specifically developed to respond to the new challenges utilities must face.

AREVA's Safety Alliance portfolio

Some examples include

  • External hazard safety analysis
  • Safety margin reassessment
  • Flooding protection
  • Alternative power supply
  • Hardened 3rd grid connection
  • Hydrodynamic primary circuit seal
  • Passive autocatalytic recombiners
  • State-of-the-art post-accident sampling systems and monitoring
  • Used fuel recycling and interim dry storage
  • Training and advanced nuclear simulators.


Most of these products and services have already been successfully installed and implemented in hundreds of nuclear power plants worldwide: 

  • In January 2012, AREVA was awarded a contract to provide its filtered containment venting systems (FCVS) to the Cernavoda plant in Romania. The FCVS is a system that ensures the reactor building integrity by preventing the build-up of excessive containment pressure to prevent environmental damage and protect surrounding populations. The system, suitable for all types of reactors, is already installed in 50 nuclear power plants worldwide and can be easily retrofitted into existing plant thanks to its compact and modular design.
  • AREVA’s diesel aggregates systems have been installed in more than 25% of the world’s nuclear fleet, in all NNP reactor types. They contribute to the robustness of the reactor’s cooling capabilities and leverage AREVA's long and solid experience in Emergency and Station Blackout Diesel Generators (EDG, SBO). 
  • AREVA’s passive autocatalytic recombiners systems are installed in more than 100 NPPs in 17 countries. The passive devices prevent hydrogen explosions in the containment, even under server accident conditions, to ensure the reactor building integrity and protect against environmental damage.


AREVA can thus show solid references for each of its Safety Alliance solution, positioning the group as the leading partner for utilities to achieve their safety goals and secure their plants for now and the years to come, while reinforcing public confidence in nuclear energy.