AREVA Non Destructive Examination solutions

AREVA NDE-Solutions is an AREVA global business entity specialized in Non-Destructive Examination.

With regional inspection entities in France (Intercontrôle), Germany (intelligeNDT Systems & Services), the United States (part of AREVA Inc.), approximately 700 employees, and specialized local representatives (EECI in India), AREVA NDE-Solutions supports hundreds of customers worldwide.

AREVA NDE-Solutions partners with the industry to supply mandatory and recommended non-destructive examinations assuring component structural integrity and contributing to the safety of installations, occupational safety, regular compliance, personnel health and environment preservation.

AREVA NDE-Solutions products and services include nuclear applications (both for existing and new builds reactors), instruments, sensors, systems and service tools for the industry market plus fundamental NDE R&D.

We provide safe, reliable, innovative and competitive inspection services & products.

Nuclear inspections

 AREVA NDE-Solutions performs inspections that contribute to structural integrity assessments of the nuclear steam supply system plus critical secondary side components within the nuclear power plant.

Customer-focused solutions help maintain primary system safety and availability, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and extend plant life.

Two major nuclear inspection activities are:

  • steam generator Eddy Current (ET) tube inspection including plugging if mandated following the inspection
  • reactor pressure vessel (RPV) examination including RPV heads and internals. Inspections address both pre-service and in-service demands including ultrasound (UT), penetrant tests (PT), visual tests (VT), radiographic tests (RT), and other specialized inspection methods

AREVA NDE-Solutions has experts with proficiency in thermal examinations, flux leakage, magnetic particle tests(MT), guided waves (GW), electro-magnetic acoustic tests (EMAT), laser assisted metrology, and harmonic-resonance tests.


 AREVA NDE-Solutions provides sensors, instruments, systems, software, training, and services for the industrial inspection market. Industry clients include aerospace, rail, steel, automotive and non-nuclear utilities.

  • The aviation industry, where our inspection systems have operated to the utmost satisfaction of our customers for more than 10 years. Among other things, we supply innovative solutions to significantly shorten cycle times in the fabrication of glass-fiber reinforced plastics, carbon-fiber reinforced plastics and aluminum components.
  • The aerospace industry, for which we fabricate state of the art ultrasonic and eddy current systems that are used to inspect rocket boosters and special satellite tanks, among other things.
  • The railway industry, where we supply systems for use in a wide variety of applications, such as for the inspection of wheels and axles, both on and off the car, as well as rails and overhead lines.
  • The steel and aluminum industry, with inspection systems for components from turbine shafts to longitudinally-welded tubing, from thin steel sheet up to rolled plate and slabs.
  • The automotive industry, where our innovative technologies are significantly reducing the time required for inspection and are therefore shortening the fabrication cycle. Additional advantages are improved defect detection and automated documentation processes.

Research & Development

The NDE TEchnical Center (NETEC) focuses more than 50 scientists and engineers on the design of new NDE sensors and techniques. These experts use practical science and innovative technology to achieve competitive R&D goals including improved performance, faster inspections and reduced costs.

NETEC’s mission is not only to support AREVA NDE-Solutions development needs.

Resources in France, Germany and the United States coordinate activities among technical domains to ensure that the best global expert team is matched to each development project.


AREVA NDE-Solutions teams guarantee their customers a local and continuous personalized services. They are essentially spread over 3 countries: France, Germany, and USA.

Our Indian partner

 AREVA joined hands with Electronic & Engineering Company India (EECI) to bring our Non-Destructive Examination offer to the Indian market.

EECI: our local partner

AREVA joined hands with Electronic & Engineering Company India (EECI) to bring our Non-Destructive Examination offer to the Indian market.