AREVA Solar team supports FXB's education and health action in villages near the Dhursar CSP site

May 09, 2014

Members of the AREVA Solar team involved in the construction of the 125 MW Dhursar project have taken some time off to visit and show their to support to the action conducted by the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Association (FXB).

Indeed, FXB and the AREVA Corporate Foundation have been partners for more than five years and have recently launched a new program, called "Samekit Vikas Pariyojna" (Integrated Village Development) in order to provide comprehensive care to the residents of three villages in Rajasthan, India. The program targets the villages of Lawan, Dhursar and Rayad, which are located close to the 125 MW solar power plant currently being deployed by AREVA Solar. The inhabitants of these three villages, which represent more than 1,000 households, live in extreme poverty, from farming and livestock, in a region often stricken by drought. The population, especially children, do not always have access to education or healthcare.

This is why the program conducted by FXB with the support of AREVA Corporate Foundation focuses on these two areas – healthcare and education. Concrete implemented actions include: 


  • after-school academic support for children identified as having problems, in association with the school teachers
  • donation of school equipment and computers, and funding for enrollment
  • opening of a center to raise the academic level of out-of-school children
  • daily meals at the center
  • awareness programs for parents on the importance of sending their girls to school


  • construction of a sustainable network gathering local health authorities
  • establishment of a medical branch office open twice a week and attended by a doctor
  • AIDS screening tests, awareness programs and access to appropriate healthcare\
  • awareness training in hygiene and information on basic health concepts, particularly for women and children.

The project has already shown some measurable successes:

  • The 6 education centers opened in these 3 villages have already enrolled more than 170 students. 90 more have been identified and have been admitted for the new academic year 2014-15.
  • 17 health camps have been organised, thanks to which 809 patients have been able to receive free medicine (figures as of March end 2014; most beneficiaries are women and children).
  • This was made possible by a dedicated team of 1 project coordinator, 2 social workers, 3 teachers, 1 doctor, and 1 jainator. 

AREVA Foundation had already partnered with FXB in the past through a participatory program of community-based sustainable development in Medinipur. It has come forward once again to support the efforts in Rajasthan for a period of two years.


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