AREVA’s governance is based on a Supervisory Board, Specialized Committees and the Executive Board. These bodies coordinate Group activities.

Operational management is provided by the five Business Groups, Engineering & Projects and the Regions.


The Executive Board is AREVA’s decision-making and management body. Its main mission is to define strategy and oversee its implementation. It is chaired by Luc Oursel.

The Supervisory Board continuously monitors AREVA’s management by the Executive Board and deliberates on Group strategy. It is supported by Specialised Committees:

  • Strategy and Investments Committee: assists the Supervisory Board and provides opinions and recommendations on the Group’s strategic objectives.
  • Audit Committee: helps define the group’s accounting, financial and ethical standards, assists with budgeting, and ensures the quality of financial publications.
  • Compensation and Nominating Committee: makes recommendations to the Supervisory Board on compensation levels, pension and benefit plans, and in-kind benefits for corporate officers.
  • End-of-Life-Cycle Obligations Monitoring Committee: helps monitor the asset portfolio set up by AREVA subsidiaries to cover their future clean-up and dismantling expenses.
  • Ethics Committee: ensures that the Group complies with international best practices in terms of ethical conduct.


AREVA is based on a tight operational organisation implementing the principle of subsidiarity:

  • Global coordination is ensured by the Executive Board and five Specialised Committees.
    The Executive Board meets every two weeks during Executive Management Board meetings, which six directors attend to make decisions on the items presented.
  • Operational management is decentralised and carried out by the five Business Groups (Mining, Front End, Reactors and Services, Back End, Renewable Energy) and Engineering & Projects.
  • Regions: Germany, North America and Asia-Pacific ensure the proximity of activities to Group customers.
  • The Marketing and Sales Department and Functional Departments are responsible for supporting the Executive Board and Business Groups in meeting their targets.

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