AREVA provides a response adapted to the needs of utilities in both nuclear energy and renewable energies. The range of solutions comprises an array of capabilities and technologies enabling electricity production that is competitive and respectful of the environment while meeting the highest safety standards.

With its accumulated know-how, AREVA relies on its historical offer of nuclear energy, which delivers a constant, high-volume supply of centralized electricity, supplementing it with renewable energy sources, to locally generate more modest quantities of electricity often in intermittent mode.

The Group has launched R&D programs to leverage its expertise in the nuclear sector in the development of renewable energies. This strategy enables it to offer its customers a range of solutions to diversify their energy mix.


AREVA has an integrated model which has become a benchmark in the sector in the space of a few years. AREVA covers the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium extraction and the production of fuel through to the recycling of spent fuel, taking in the design and construction of nuclear reactors through to their dismantling. Its solutions include services required for the operation, modernization and improvement of safety and the performance of power plants. This approach is based on the implementation of global, long-term partnerships between AREVA and its customers.

A complete range of nuclear reactors

AREVA offers the latest-generation (III+) EPR™, ATMEA1 and KERENA™ reactors, with power output ratings from 1,100 MWe and 1,650 MWe. These reactors feature very high safety levels, taking into account considerable feedback and implementing significant technological advances to prevent and reduce the risk of incidents.

These water reactors enable utilities to meet their competitiveness and electricity generation capacity targets with the highest level of safety.

Fuel solutions

Fuel supply and management are critical factors in the operation of a nuclear power plant. Security of supply, reduction in fuel cycle costs, and management of spent fuel and waste are major client concerns. The Group meets their expectations with a range of solutions spanning the entire fuel cycle.

  • Front End: with a range of services from uranium extraction to fuel manufacturing;
  • Back End: recovery solutions that utilize spent fuel while optimally reducing and treating the waste produced;
  • logistics services help strengthen the reliability of these solutions.

Service solutions

AREVA's tailored solutions help utilities throughout the lifecycle of their nuclear facilities. They are based on a global network of several thousand experienced specialists, characterized by quality requirements and a level of commitment unique to the market, with the main objective of:

  • improving safety, availability and performance for power plants,
  • optimizing the operation of facilities.


AREVA's renewable energy offer meets the needs of electricity producers for the development of their energy mix, with sustainable, competitive solutions.

The Group has a portfolio of four energies: wind energy, bioenergy, solar power and hydrogen power. AREVA offers turnkey solutions to meet both short and long-term requirements for clients, while meeting energy demand in standard and peak consumption periods.
These solutions include:

- the design, production, construction and commissioning of facilities;
- project development support;
- supporting clients with their investments, through approved partnerships..

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