Erwan Hinault, Country Managing Director, AREVA India Pvt Ltd.

Before becoming the President of AREVA India in May 2013, Erwan Hinault spent more than 15 years in Japan, holding various positions within the AREVA Group. He was the President of Canberra  Japan (Tokyo), a world’s leading supplier of analytical instruments, systems and services for radiation detection and radiation monitoring, which is a fully owned subsidiary of AREVA. He then became Managing Director at AREVA Japan in charge of marketing, strategy, industrial partnerships and public relations. He also worked in the Back-end business in France, as Deputy Director of the Recycling Project Line of Engineering & Projects, in charge of investment projects for AREVA La Hague spent fuel reprocessing plant

Erwan Hinault holds a master’s degree in Engineering obtained in 1991, after a five year curriculum (1986 to 1991) at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (I.N.S.A.), a French engineering school.