AREVA's front end activities in India

With its very large and diversified mining capacity (Niger, Kazakhstan, Canada), AREVA offers natural uranium as well as reprocessed uranium to the domestic Indian nuclear fleet.

Did you know?

In December 2008, AREVA has signed a contract with NFC (Nuclear Fuel Complex) to supply 300 tons of natural uranium. It was the first contract for the supply of foreign-origin uranium since the reopening of nuclear trade between India and the rest of the world. Natural uranium was delivered in the first half of 2009 and the uranium, after fabrication into fuel at NFC plant in Hyderabad, was loaded into the reactor in the summer of 2009, therefore contributing to the country’s electricity supply.

As part of the overall Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project, AREVA is committed to supply fuel loads during a minimum of 25 years of operation.