Reactors & Services offer in India


The Reactors and Services Business Group combines the nuclear reactor design and construction activities and the products and services activities necessary for the maintenance, operation, modernization, and improvement of power plants. It also includes vessel propulsion nuclear reactor and research reactor activities.

AREVA is currently constructing four EPR™ reactors, of generation III+.

The Reactors & Services Business Group designs and manufactures the two main types of reactors currently in use in the world: pressurized water reactors (PWR) and boiling water reactors (BWR). It also designs and manufactures naval propulsion reactors and research.

AREVA is the world’s leading nuclear reactor constructor in terms of installed capacity and is the leader in the heavy component replacement market for power plants.

New Builds

AREVA’s New Builds business is involved in every phase of the design of nuclear steam supply systems and nuclear islands.

Installed Base

AREVA offers solutions to reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve both the safety and the performance of their nuclear power plants, and extend the operating period.

Nuclear measurements

Discover collaborations with Canberra, AREVA’s nuclear measurement subsidiary.


Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project

AREVA has been selected for the construction of two EPR™ reactors, the first of a series of 6, at Jaitapur in the western state of Maharashtra, and for the supply of fuel for 25 years.

The EPR Reactor
EPRâ„¢ Reactor - Reference for New Build