The EPR™ reactor: an overview


The EPR™ reactor is a 1650MWe pressurized water reactor designed by AREVA based on modern, proven operating designs and relying on decades-long R&D programs in France and Germany, the active involvement of leading European nuclear utility companies and the experience from several thousand reactor-years of operation.

At the forefront of power plant design and safety the EPR reactor combines competitively priced electricity with the highest safety standards expected in Europe, and minimum environmental impact

Four EPR™ reactors are currently under construction in Finland (Olkiluoto 3), France(Flamanville 3) and China (Taishan 1 &2).With 4 EPR reactors units being built in 3 different countries, build up the world’s First advanced fleet to be deployed.

Evolutionary design, cutting-edge technology

The EPR™ builds upon the most recent evolution of light water reactor technology and is positioned at the cutting edge of a continuous innovation process.

The Reference for Safety

The EPR™ has been designed with unparalleled safety levels, highly resistant to internal and external hazards as well as combination of hazards


Solid experience, world-class expertise

AREVA first fleet of EPR™ reactors rests on a solid foundation of extensive building experience, with continuous construction of 102 nuclear power plants since the 1970s and serves more than 360 reactors worldwide for operation & maintenance support as well as fuel cycle activities.

A competitive solution

With a wide range of fuel types, the EPR™ provides safe, sustainable electricity from an exceptionally cost-effective source of energy at a long-term predictable cost, particularly in the context of fossil fuel depletion.


A sustainable reactor

Thanks to its enhanced safety and its high efficiency, the EPR™ improves upon existing light water reactors to the benefit of the environment.


A virtual tour of the EPR™ reactor power plant

The EPR™ layout offers exceptional and unique resistance to extreme hazards or combination of hazards, such as earthquake, flooding large airplane crash or explosion.

The EPR Reactor
EPR™ Reactor - Reference for New Build