Get the key facts and figures on AREVA’s EPR™ reactor, the world’s first Generation III+ pressurized water reactor (PWR), designed for optimal safety, sustainability, performance and competitiveness.

Safety first and foremost
  • Strong resistance to extreme hazards: designed to keep surrounding populations and environment safe in the event of internal and external hazards (commercial plane crash, earthquake, etc.)
  • Robust cooling functions: four independent safety systems physically separated, each capable of performing all safety functions. Protected, redundant and diversified water and fuel reserves providing more than 7 days of autonomy
  • Three leak-tight barriers between the radioactive nuclear fuel and the environment, the third of them being the steel and pre-stressed concrete containment with the capacity to withstand high pressure and temperature
  • Advanced molten core retention in the unlikely event of a core meltdown
Designed to minimize its environmental footprint
  • Higher power output per unit (1,650  MWe) for optimized land used
  • Improved efficiency compared to Gen2 design with 37% of thermal efficiency
  • Improved fuel management reduces generation of long-lived actinides by 10% per MWh*
  • Lower water consumption
  • Capability to use recycled uranium fuel (MOX / Enriched Recycled Uranium)
  • 60 year design lifetime: long-term use of land and assets
  • Collection doses reduced by 30% as compared to the best World Association of Nuclear Operators one-year median value.
Proven technology, cutting-edge design
  • An evolutionary design built upon the most recent and powerful light water reactors  in operation: the French N4 and German KONVOI models
  • Features a fully computerized instrumentation & control (I&C) system that reduces the risk of human error and facilitates technical and operational support
  • Includes key innovative solutions, fruit of decades of advanced R&D programs
Competitive business performance
  • 20% savings on operation and maintenance costs thanks to EPR™’s high capacity and availability
  • Up to 15% savings on uranium per MWh produced and more power per kilogram of uranium as compared with other designs
  • Higher availability than other designs, targeted at 92%
  • Designed to optimize capital expenditure and for high durability, with 60-year operating life time
Grounded in AREVA’s solid building experience
  • With 102 reactors from different technologies to its name and counting, AREVA has never stopped designing and building reactors
  • AREVA has a long term experience in global nuclear operating fleet, with 260 reactors served for operations, maintenance and modernization
Four currently under construction
  • Olkiluoto3, Finland: AREVA provides a turn-key plant in consortium with Siemens with TVO as the future operator
  • Flamanville3, France: AREVA provides the Nuclear Steam Supply System and the I&C with EDF as the future operator
  • Taishan 1&2, China: AREVA provides the Nuclear Island in cooperation with Chinese companies and the I&C with Taishan Nuclear Power Company (China Guangdong Nuclear Power 70% and EDF 30%) as the future operator
Highly compliant with a world-class licensing record
  • Over 99.9% compliance with the criteria detailed in the European Utilities Requirements document as well as criteria from the American Electric Power Research Institute
  • The AREVA TELEPERM XS system is the first safety-related digital I&C system to receive approval from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in February 2010.
  • Construction licenses secured from 3 of the world’s most demanding safety authorities in France, Finland and China
  • Currently under consideration in the United States and United Kingdom where the final General Design Assessment is expected for the end of 2012.

*Compared to existing 1,000 MWe-class reactors