Nuclear Safety is central to the EPR™ design, which has benefited from the input and involvement of French and German nuclear safety authorities from its earliest phases. The result is the EPR™ reactor with unparalleled safety levels, highly resistant to both internal and external hazards.

The EPR™ follows first a deterministic approach for design development complemented with probabilistic studies. The design approach integrates past experience to guarantee safety objectives through full diversity, complementarity and redundancy of proven technologies. Diverse systems avoid common cause failures and redundancy overcomes single failures. Last but not least, an optimized combination of active and passive systems leverages complementary solutions to provide comprehensive safety barriers.


EPR reactor: maximum safety (3D animation)

The EPR reactor is part of the latest Generation III+. That means: Safety has once again increased compared to today’s reactors. Learn first-hand how an EPR reactor works. And what we do so that the power can be generated as safely as possible.


EPR reactor: safety robustness (3D animation)

AREVA's EPR reactor satisfies the most stringent safety standards. This means: An EPR unit would remain intact even in the event of an extreme impact. This animation demonstrates how the robustness of the EPR safety concept is ensured.

EPR™ Reactor - Reference for New Build
EPR™ Reactor - Robustness to Extreme Hazards