AREVA: solid experience, world-class expertise

AREVA is currently building the world’s first fleet of Generation III+ EPR™ reactors in France, Finland and China. These construction projects rest on a solid foundation of extensive building experience, with continuous construction since the 70’s.


102 Nuclear Power Plants have been built or under construction by AREVA in 11 countries, of which 91 are
still in operation with no significant safety issues so far. 


... and 4 EPR units currently under construction: 

     1 in France (FA3)

     1 in Olkiluoto Finland (OL3)

     2 in Taishan, China (TSN 1 and TSN 2)


Each of AREVA’s current EPR™ construction projects features different delivery plans. This diverse and enriching field experience informs AREVA on how to further improve all aspects of project execution, including project management and organization, engineering, manufacturing, procurement and construction itself.

AREVA is writing the book of knowledge on complex Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects.

The experience feedback from on-going projects is documented and capitalized  

For the Taishan projects, 50% of Managers, 50% Engineering staff, and 90% Procurement workforce have worked on the OL3 or FA3 projects.

To consolidate this unique knowledge, AREVA has set-up a company-wide feedback process: lessons learned from numerous nuclear facilities construction, including EPR reactors and fuel cycle factories, are gathered throughout a robust and continuous capitalization process with more than 1600 lessons learned captured and analyzed.

Furthermore, AREVA has invested in a fully industrialized project management system ensuring a level of control commensurate with EPC turnkey nuclear power plant projects.


Some examples at Taishan 1 and 2 of the most recent improvements realized for in-progress construction projects:

  • TSN project requires only 40% of the engineering hours needed at midway completion point for the first EPR™ project
  • Reactor building construction from first concrete to dome lifting has been reduced by 23 months between Olkiluoto and Taishan
  • Steam generators delivery time has been cut by 2 years between Olkiluoto and Taishan projects.
  • Corium spreading area protection layer delivery time reduced by nearly 70 % as compared to the first EPR™ project

With decades of expertise and building experience – as well as the will and capacity to apply this experience – AREVA continuously improves the delivery of its construction projects.