AREVA’s innovative, integrated services address plant operators’ heightened interest in power plant lifetime programs.

AREVA offers its customers long-term partnerships, with a global approach to component lifecycle management and power plant servicing and maintenance.


Power plant lifecycle management and outage optimization are key factors in ensuring performance. AREVA offers its customers tailored services to:

  • improve safety and performance,
  • increase power plant availability and extend lifetime,
  • manage the ageing of facilities,
  • optimize operating and maintenance conditions,
  • manage environmental and sustainability risks,
  • guarantee technical assistance for facilities.

Integrated services to minimize the duration of unit outages

AREVA handles all operations related to unit outages, including the initial planning and organization phase. This integrated offer reduces lead times and facility downtime. Onsite services include:

  • traditional maintenance operations for nuclear island components,
  • tailored commercial models to suit customers' needs,
  • maintenance and fuel supply services,
  • supplying spare parts and maintenance services,
  • chemical and decontamination services,
  • diagnostic and surveillance services.

Complementary specialized services

The offer also includes specialized activities such as:

  • the replacement of heavy and mobile components,
  • modifications to increase plant power output,
  • system improvements and related engineering and safety studies,
  • maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical components for in-core instrumentation and instrumentation and control systems,
  • decontamination of circuits and equipment to reduce dosimetry,
  • implementation of diagnostic and monitoring systems to improve reactor safety and availability,
  • an Internet-based spare parts service available 24/7 that offers real-time responses to plant operators' needs.


AREVA also offers its customers complete management programs for steam generators, reactor vessel heads, and pressurizers. These maintenance solutions make it possible to repair and/or replace major components, improving their performance, lifetime and reliability. Upon customer request, AREVA installs improved components.

These programs offer plant operators optimal global solutions including: 

  • project management,
  • component replacement studies,
  • safety analyses
  • design, manufacture and installation of new components,
  • processing replaced components,
  • handling of regulatory aspects (licensing).

Coupled with calculation models and predictive techniques, these programs make it possible to define optimal operating conditions according to plant operators’ performance and profitability objectives.