AREVA offers its customers services to improve nuclear power plants’ availability and performance and extend their lifetime, while upholding the highest safety standards.

Activities are mainly carried out during power plant outage periods, called unit outages, which take place every 12, 18 or 24 months depending on the reactor’s operation mode.

The Installed Base business unit (BU) helps the group's customers better understand the requirements of an increasingly competitive and demanding energy market. It offers a full range of nuclear services to meet their objectives:

  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs by proposing competitive, profitable offers while managing risks
  • Improve reactor safety and performance by delivering reliable projects that comply with customers' requirements in terms of safety, quality, schedule and cost
  • Extend reactor lifetime through cutting-edge technology
  • Limit workers’ exposure to radiation by continuously strengthening the culture of safety and quality across all teams

These services draw on the group’s unrivaled experience:

  • Design and construction of nearly 100 reactors worldwide
  • Decades of experience implementing and updating a wide range of nuclear services
  • Supply of nuclear fuel to over 120 power plants

Moreover, Installed Base benefits from synergies with other AREVA entities, such as Engineering & Projects, the New Builds BU, and the Products & Technology BU.

  • These connections enable Installed Base teams to work on common issues and offer customers the most competitive solutions.
  • Combined with a policy of continuous improvement, this pooling of experience is a unique advantage in the nuclear industry.


AREVA possesses the most comprehensive range of products and services in the world. Using the most recent innovative technologies, it inspects, repairs and services all types of reactors (PWR, BWR, VVER, CANDU). It also modernizes facilities and improves projects and services.

  • Outage services: loading-unloading and maintenance services, optimization of unit outages, chemical cleaning, integrated offers, diagnostics
  • Non-destructive examinations: regulatory inspections of reactor coolant system equipment (ultrasounds, developing automated equipment, etc.), staff certification, techniques and procedures   >> Find out more about NDE activities in India
  • Component repair and replacement
  • Plant upgrades: power output increase, reactor lifetime extension
  • Engineering services: vital engineering, inspections-related certification and safety
  • Plant modernization: supply of compatible parts and tools for engineering, testing, deployment, operation and maintenance of all types of reactors
  • Improving instrumentation and control and electrical systems: design, supply, inspection, upgrading and engineering services for new builds and operating reactors
  • Parts supply
  • Non-nuclear inspections: non-destructive examination solutions, including component fabrication and in-service inspection, for non-nuclear sectors such as the aerospace, railway and steel industries